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There’s nothing more exciting for your child than waking up on Easter Morning and wondering where the Easter Bunny has hidden his eggs.


Nothing more exciting than a personalized letter just for them, that is!


With all the planning of an Easter egg hunt, all the sneaking around trying to make sure they’re hidden, but not too hidden, it can be hard to think of

anything else. Let us help you out and take that worry off your hands.


Sent with hugs from the fluffiest of holiday friends, give your egg-explorers a bounce in their step with a personalized letter straight from the

Easter Bunny himself. With eggs, rabbits, and chickens galore, these letters will get your little ones feeling fuzzy and thankful and bouncing into the

Easter spirit.


When you order your child’s personalized letter from The Easter Bunny, each order comes with a FREE AWARD.

The Free Award comes straight from The Easter Bunny, congratulating your child on making everyone smile.


As well as a personalized letter, we also offer Bunny Bucks! It’s real money, so they can keep it, hide it away themselves, or spend it,

but most kids just keep them for a keepsake. Wouldn’t you want to keep a dollar that’s been given to you by The Easter Bunny?


Give them a surprise this Easter that will get them hopping with excitement!




















CLICK HERE to order just the Bucks

Includes Card, Envelope (varies in style)





The first letter is $4.99, each additional letter is $2.99 

We also offer Bunny Money starting at $3.49 if you purchase a Easter Bunny Letter, or just $6.49 by it self.




Free Standard Shipping,

If you would like to upgrade to Priority Shipping Add $3.50

Contact us:

Phone: 417-319-1744


FREE: Each Order comes with a Easter Award By The Easter Bunny