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Your child knows that Halloween is just around the corner, and with Halloween comes skeletons and witches, ghosts and goblins, jack o’lanterns and

haunted houses, and more candy than they know what to do with.


Whether they’re more into treats than tricks, or if they prefer a scare to a snack, we bet your child didn’t count on a letter from the mysterious



Give your little ones a feel-good fright with a letter from the Bogeyman himself, and let them know that Halloween isn’t all that it seems.

With a hug covered in spider webs, sticky candy, green goobers, and marshmallows, your child will feel the chill of the season



When you order your child’s personalized letter for Halloween, each order comes with a FREE AWARD. The Free Award comes straight from The Bogeyman, congratulating you r child on making Halloween chilling.


With the personalized letters and awards features images of pumpkins, witches, and

trick-or-treaters, get your little ones into the spooky spirit, and let them know there’s more fun to be had!
















Each order comes with a FREE Award




The first letter is $4.99, each additional letter is $2.99 



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