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It can be a confusing time for your child when they lose their first tooth, but you  can bet that they’ve already heard of the Tooth Fairy!

But as a parent, it’s often hard to find the time to write a letter from the Tooth Fairy –and your children are smart enough to know your handwriting.
We can help you with that. Give your little ones a thrill when they receive a personalized letter, sent with a smile from The Tooth Fairy.


Whether you leave a dollar under their pillow, or whatever your tradition, with Holiday Letters 4u you can let them know that you and the

Tooth Fairy are proud of them, and encourage them on brushing their teeth. When you order your child ’s personalized letter from The Tooth Fairy,

each order comes with a FREE AWARD. The Free Award comes straight from The Tooth Fairy, congratulating your child on taking good care

of their teeth.


This sure will give them something to smile about It!







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The first letter is $4.99, each additional letter is $2.99 

FREE: Each Order comes with a Tooth Fairy Award By The Tooth Fairy